Unlocking the potential
of the Oceans

High quality marine ingredients


Why is the ocean an important part of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals? Well, that’s actually pretty simple. 70 % of the earth’s surface exists of water, 97 % of which is salt water. Just imagine… that’s a lot, right?

This water world contains many rich resources. However, only 2% of our resources come from the sea. In other words, the oceans’ aquatic flora and fauna offer an immense potential. Utilizing some of that potential in a responsibe manner, offers high quality sustainable resources.

We believe that unlocking the potential of the oceans in a sustainable manner is an essential part of climate action.

This is why we created Oceans Unlocked.


How do we unlock the potential of the ocean in a sustainable manner?

  • We use certified cultivated seaweed (and other low tropic marine species)
  • No more fish waste: we optimize the utilization of existing fish by products, to make sure nothing goes to waste.


We deliver marine ingredients through 2 business units:

Seaweed salads for retail and food service. Fresh and dried seaweed for food service and food industry. All cultivated and certified

Processing of marine resources to high quality ingredients for food, personal care and pharmaceutical applications